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Our property division brings together an unrivalled land bank spanning 21 multi-modal locations around the country, with 960 hectares of port-based development land.


Drawing on 60 years of experience, ABP Marine Environmental Research (ABPmer) provides specialist marine environmental research and consultancy services.

UK Dredging

UK Dredging (UKD) operates the largest British-owned dredging fleet and specialises in the provision of reliable and cost effective port maintenance dredging services.


ABP DevCo creates value from non-port-related development of underutilised land by working collaboratively with stakeholders.

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The Port of Lowestoft handles around 30,000 tonnes of cargo per year and together with ABP's other two East Anglian ports, King’s Lynn and Ipswich, contributes £360 million to the economy and support 5,300 jobs. Lowestoft has emerged as a thriving centre for companies servicing the offshore energy industry.

A new vision for the Port of Lowestoft (2020 -2050) has been published - click here to view and feedback. 


Throughout our network of 21 ports around Britain, our expert and highly-trained teams are ready to work in partnership to deliver the solutions your business needs.

The UK’s most eastern port, Lowestoft has a long history of servicing offshore energy projects and offers highly-skilled teams equipped to safely and efficiently handle a wide range of cargoes.

The port is at the heart of the burgeoning offshore wind industry, offering customers close proximity to key offshore wind sites for construction, operations and maintenance.

ABP has produced an updated vision for the Port of Lowestoft, working with a range of stakeholders. ABP’s plan shows how to maximise the potential of the port, for all those who live, work and invest in it.

LEEF: Lowestoft Eastern Energy Facility

Lowestoft Eastern Energy Facility (LEEF) is a major ABP investment project on Lowestoft’s Outer Harbour. Encompassing sites to the East and West of the Harbour, LEEF is tailored to the offshore energy industry’s latest requirements, and creates a highly competitive offer for ABP’s customers.

ABP’s work to prepare the LEEF East site will be completed by 2023, creating additional berthing space, new infill land, and a deeper harbour approach to accommodate flexible operations. Around 5,000 square feet of new office space with direct quayside access is also expected.

The LEEF West site is expected to be operational from 2026, providing additional quay space and berthing capacity, as well as new laydown space and the potential for more offices and warehousing. The site will benefit from shoreside power, while retaining fish landing sites.

For more information on both LEEF East and West projects, please contact Jay Medina 




Situated directly opposite major continental ports, the Port of Lowestoft serves the busy sea routes between the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, and the Baltic States.

The port is linked by A-roads to the M11 and M1 and has quayside rail links, connecting the port to the national rail network.

Nearby, Norwich Airport is linked to destinations in the UK and Europe.

Delivering for customers

The Port of Lowestoft has emerged as East of England’s Renewable Energy Hub, offering expert teams and the right facilities to accommodate complex demands.

In recent years the Port of Lowestoft completed a two-year contract to support the construction of the Galloper Offshore Wind Farm, a 353MW windfarm project located 30km off the coast of Suffolk.  The port is now home to the Operations and Maintenance Base for the Greater Gabbard Offshore windfarm, which is a 504MW windfarm located 23km off the coast of Suffolk in England. The long-term collaboration between SSE and ABP on this project began in 2012 and is projected to continue to positively contribute to the local economy for decades to come.

Fabrication facilities are offered within the Inner Harbour via AKD Engineering and a dry dock is available for ship repairs.

Additional facilities include a 14,000-tonne capacity silo and storage installation at Silo Quay, which accommodates a range of bulk materials, including grain and cement.   The port's Inner and Outer Harbours accommodate project and specialised cargoes and its North Quay Terminal provides mobile cranage, together with 16,000sqm of storage for forest products, steel, and general cargo.

Four modern transit sheds provide 10,000sqm of covered storage space, with wide areas of open storage also available.

ABP's ports in East Anglia support
5,300 jobs across the UK
Port of Lowestoft provides
16,000sqm of storage capacity
Handles around
30,000 Tonnes of cargo each year

Key statistics and berthing information

Total port acreage = 97 acres

    Normal acceptance dimensions of vessels
Dock, Jetty or Quay Quay length Length Beam Draught MHWS MHWN
Outer Harbour – Docks 1,400 m 125m 35m 5.5m 5.2m
Entrance Channel & Inner Harbour 2,100 m 125m 22m 6.0m 5.7m

Address (marine matters):

ABP Lowestoft
Bridge Control Building
Station Square
NR32 1BA


Harbour Master: Anthony Van Damme

Marine Manager - Gary Horton

Operations Manager: Tom Duit

Telephone: 01502 572286

Email: [email protected]  or [email protected]

Fax: 01502 586375

VHF: Call Name - Lowestoft Port Control   Channel: 14   Other Channels:16 & 11

Welcome to the Port of Lowestoft. We look forward to working with you to ensure that your visit is safe and efficient. Please use the information on this web site to help you plan your visit and ensure that you, or your agent, have exchanged all of the necessary information with our Port Authority.

Pilotage is provided by ABP Lowestoft, and vessels requiring a pilot should contact Lowestoft Port Control at least 24 & 3 Hours before arrival at the Pilot Station. Please see the Pilotage Directions for full information.

It is essential that all mariners read our Ship's Information Notice for Visiting Masters of Commercial Vessels which gives important information regarding the safety of your vessel and crew, and your obligations while visiting our port.

Skippers of leisure and small vessels (Under 50GRT) should the read the Small Craft and Yachts Notice

Latest Port survey charts can be viewed below:

Area 1 / Area 2 / Area 3 / Area 4Area 5

ABP Lowestoft also operate the Bascule Bridge and timely advance notice of intention to transit this bridge must be given to ensure delays to vessels are minimised

ABP Lowestoft wishes you a safe and pleasant visit to our port.

Pilotage directions for the port can be downloaded here

All vessels navigating within the Port of Lowestoft should complete a passage plan for every voyage undertaken. The passage plan used by local pilots (and reccomended for use by PEC holders) can be downloaded below:
Lowestoft Passage Plan Document (2017)

To ensure the safety of our Pilots, ABP has issued a Notice to Mariners No. 17 of 2013 with details of procedures to ensure that pilot boarding arrangements are safe and fit for purpose

Ship's Masters and Agents are required to comply with the contents of the notice, and may also find Pilot Boarding Information from the IMO / IMPA useful

Please click here for a copy of the Port of Lowestoft byelaws.


Organisation Name

Web Site - click on address to open webpage





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ABP waste notifications


Adjacent Inland WatersHarbour Authority




Broads Authority






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Tide Predictions - Easytide



Tide levels - near real time



Tidal surge predictions



Weather Station


For information about tidal datums and levels in Lowestoft, please click here

To view 2022 tide predictions click here and for hourly height click here 

To view tide predictions for the next 7 days, please click here (Link to external web site, provided by the UKHO)

To view real time tidal height and difference from prediction - Current tidal "surge" or "cut" . Click here (Link to external web site)

To view the storm surge prediction forecast for Lowestoft, click here (Link to external web site)

The Lowestoft Port Waste Management Plan has been implemented in accordance with the Merchant Shipping and Fishing Vessels (Port Waste Reception Facilities) Regulations 2003. This document is approved by the MCA. A copy of the current plan can be found here.

Please follow the link for the Lowestoft Flood Contingency Plan to view this document.

 The current Lowestoft Oil Spill Contingency plan can be found here

The current Lowestoft Major Incident Plan can be found here


ABP applies a set of minimum requirements for bunkering providers across all its 21 ports. These Service Provider Requirements can be found here.


ABP applies a set of minimum requirements for towage providers across all its 21 ports. These Service Provider Requirements can be found here.

The latest Lowestoft Port and Pilotage tariffs can be accessed via the links below.

ABP Lowestoft Port and Pilotage Tariff 2022

For any enquiries regarding the Port charging structure please contact the ABP East Anglia Commercial Team

tel. +44 (0)1473 231010 Ext. 5131

email - [email protected]

Notices to Mariners in force are listed below

East Anglia


01 Sanctions against Russian Shipping

02 Leisure vessels arriving from outside the UK



01 Mooring operations

02 Shore Leave restrictions for Seafarers due to COVID 19




01 Lowestoft Notices to Mariners in Force

02 Lowestoft Gull Wing Construction Site

23 Lowestoft Approaches – Twin Buoys – Cardinal without Top Mark

25 Lowestoft Pilotage Direction 2017 - Revision Of Schedule 1 (Pilot Boarding Positions)

26 Updated Covid Reporting and Pilotage Information

30 Lowestoft Southern Approaches – Exposed Subsea Cable Position

32 Transits of Unmanned Surface Vessels

37 Lowestoft – Transits of Un-manned Surface Vessels (USVs)

38 Outer Harbour - Sladdens Pier - GI Works


40 Gull Wing Construction Temporary Reporting Requirements

43 Gull Wing - Marine Construction Activities North and South Sides of Lake
Lothing – Amended Light and Beacon Positions/Details

51 UXO Position in Lowestoft SE Approaches

54 Revised Small Craft and Yacht Information Notice

58 Re-Scheduled Dredging Activities


17 Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Updated Vessel Notification Requirements and Guidance for Pilotage

Maritime Declaration of Health form

24 Lowestoft – Advice on Easing of Covid Restrictions 

26 Border Health Control Measures - Application to Marine Leisure Users

29 Lowestoft Harbour and Approaches – Management of Vessel Speed and Wash

43 Lowestoft NE Approaches - Shoaling North East of Harbour Entrance 

44 Approaches to Lowestoft - Kirkley Sector Light Alignment

47 Lowestoft - New Requirements for Vessels Using ABP Commercial Berths and Self Mooring

50 Lowestoft - Impending Changes to Vessel Reporting and Clearance Procedures


02 Lowestoft Pilotage Direction 2017 - Revision of Schedule 2 (PEC Criteria)

18 Lowestoft Inner Harbour – Town / Cefas Quay – Passing Speed

27 Lowestoft Approaches - Possible Shoaling North East of Harbour Entrance


5 Use of Weighted Heaving Lines

22 Lowestoft - Reporting Of Vessel Movements

24 Passage Plan - Lowestoft Port and Approaches

32 Pilot Boarding Arrangement Checks


12 MCA Alert Regarding Lifting Equipment On Workboats


24 Use of Life Jackets


17 Boarding and Landing of Pilots

19 2013 Non-Routine Towage


3 Bunkering Checklist Revision


7 Lowestoft Port Traffic Lights

10 Bridge Transits - Lowestoft Harbour 


19 Crew/Personnel Transfers To Vessels Offshore


13 Protection of ABP Employees from Passive Smoking


5 Ships International Catering Waste (ICW)

For ABP’s standard terms and conditions, please click here.