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ABP Property

Our property division brings together an unrivalled land bank spanning 21 multi-modal locations around the country, with 960 hectares of port-based development land.


Drawing on 60 years of experience, ABP Marine Environmental Research (ABPmer) provides specialist marine environmental research and consultancy services.

UK Dredging

UK Dredging (UKD) operates the largest British-owned dredging fleet and specialises in the provision of reliable and cost effective port maintenance dredging services.

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Bulk Energy

ABP is the UK’s best-equipped port group to handle cargoes in the energy sector. Across all our ports, our highly skilled workforce has a strong track record in receiving and handling a wide variety of loads to support the energy sector, ranging from coal, biomass (wood pellets), grain, and woodchip to fuel the UK’s leading power plants, to bulk liquids supplying major UK refineries.

ABP is the UK’s best equipped port group to handle cargoes in the energy sector.

ABP uses the latest facilities and equipment to store and handle our customers’ cargo.

We also offer the ability to invest, design and develop new facilities tailored to meet our customers’ needs, providing reliable and efficient supply chain solutions.

Our continued investment in infrastructure means that we can offer the capability and expertise to deliver the best solutions for our customers.

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Delivering for our customers

ABP’s Port of Immingham is the leading UK port specialising in the safe, efficient and cost-effective handling of cargoes for the energy sector. Our teams have worked collaboratively with customers to deliver leading-edge handling and storage solutions such as the state-of-the-art Immingham Renewable Fuels Terminal (IRFT), the world’s largest biomass handling facility.

IRFT compliments ABP’s other major bulk handling facility, Humber International Terminal (HIT), also located in Immingham, where a dedicated team works 24/7 to deliver the highest standards of service, discharging cargo from some of the largest vessels in the world.

ABP has invested more than £500 million in the last few years in port facilities, equipment and training. This includes state-of-the-art cranes, terminal facilities, handling equipment and industry-leading bulk storage. ABP offers fast and efficient vessel discharging or loading capabilities, keeping cargo safe and secure.

If you would like to find out more about how ABP can help your business please get in touch with our sector expert, Chris Bowlas.


Our ports around Britain offer quick and efficient connections to cargo origins and destinations, all benefitting from excellent marine, road, and rail connectivity.

Immingham in particular is capable of handling some of the largest vessels in the world. Our Humber ports are the closest ports linking the major power stations in the north of England.

Immingham RFT handles
6 million Tonnes of energy bulks per year
ABP has
1.4 million sqm of covered storage
More than
£500 million invested in infrastructure