Humber Container Terminal Major Milestone Ship to Shore Cranes at Immingham

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Above: Two new ship to shore cranes arriving at the Port of Immingham

This weekend, two new ship to shore cranes worth £11.5 million arrived at the Port of Immingham, the latest major milestone in the Humber Container Terminal expansion.

The cranes are part of a £33million upgrade and improvement programme at Immingham Container Terminal to future proof the terminal, extend its footprint, maximise efficiencies and improve the service to customers.

The delivery of these amazing pieces of machinery arrive after, earlier this year, six electric rubber tyre gantry cranes worth £7million arrived at the terminal, and are now commissioned and in use.

The newly expanded terminal, along with the recent expansion in its sister terminal in the Port of Hull means that the Humber has now the best equipped and located container port offer for retailers and suppliers to access their goods across the Midlands and the North of England.

The new ship to shore cranes are supplied by Kalmar JV with Rainbow Cargotec Industries. The cranes will make working on the terminal more efficient and increase productivity. Their simplified modular design is lightweight and durable, making maintenance easier and has been tailored to Immingham Container Terminal’s exact needs.

These cranes are designed to load and unload sea-going vessels for ISO-standard containers. Now the cranes have arrived and following a commissioning period, a full training & familiarisation programme will be provided by Kalmar and delivered to the Immingham Container Terminal operatives.

"This is a huge moment in our expansion of the Humber Container Terminal. Simon Bird Regional Director of ABP Humber

These cranes will help our customers deliver cargo in an efficient and safe manner, meaning that major retailers and suppliers can know they have access to a service that is faster, cheaper and better for the environment. Over the last three years we have invested over £50 million in expanding and improving our container offer in the Humber, an investment which places us at the forefront of container ports in the UK."

ABP has continued to invest in the Humber Ports to ensure that they have the infrastructure needed to seize new opportunities as well as continue to improve service to existing customers.

As part of ABP’s ongoing commitment to customers, ABP has been investing in the container infrastructure. In 2018, the container terminal in Hull expanded which saw sailings increase from five to 15 per week in a short space of time, adding new destinations as partners. The Immingham Container Terminal project is a similar investment of £33 million and is currently underway in the container terminal in the Port of Immingham which will increase the space, improve the layout and add new equipment. The investment will make sure ABP’s offering to customers is the best available.

This investment across the two terminals in Hull and Immingham is making the Humber Ports one of the most significant hubs for short sea containers in the UK market.