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Here are some simple tips:

If the UK leaves the European Union (EU) without a deal, businesses currently buying goods from or selling goods to countries in the EU will need to comply with customs regulations.

The Government is currently assuming the UK will leave without a deal on 31 October. Although this is not the outcome it wants, businesses need to prepare now. If businesses are not prepared they will not be able to buy goods from or sell them to countries inside the EU.

So, it’s better to be safe than sorry and make sure your firm is ready for no deal.

01 Got your number?

To buy goods from or sell goods to EU countries, firms will need to register for a special number. It’s called an EORI code. You can register for an EORI number at

02 What goods am I buying or selling?

Sounds like a silly question but different information may be needed depending on what type of goods you are buying or selling, so it’s important to be clear.

03 How will my goods arrive or depart the UK?

How your goods will be transported when they leave the EU border and arrive at the UK border, or vice versa, is important. So it’s going to be one of three options: sea, air or rail (that’s for goods transiting the Channel Tunnel). Again, you need to know as the customs processes for each different type of transport can differ.

04 Where will my goods arrive?

Where your goods arrive in the UK or EU can also change what type of customs processes will need to be followed. Will they arrive at your own business address or another business address in the UK? Will you be sending goods to the same business address as the company you are selling to or will they be sent to another business address?

05 What now?

If you normally use a freight forwarder or transport company to move the goods you are buying from or selling to the EU then they can help complete the necessary paperwork based on the information above but first you must have your EORI code.

If your freight forwarder or transport company cannot help or you want to administer your own customs arrangements, help is available.

The following organisations can offer assistance, including online training:

Strong and Herd LLP

British International Freight Association

Institute of Export and International Trade

British Chambers of Commerce

British Exporters Association

Customs agents can also take the strain. A list of customs agents is available at:

British International Freight Association