Ministerial visit to examine flood resiliency confirms Immingham’s status as ‘vital national asset’

17th April 2014

The Port of Immingham was declared a ‘vital national asset’ by regional flood recovery minister Robert Goodwill when he visited the facility earlier today.

Mr Goodwill met with representatives of Associated British Ports (ABP) and the Environment Agency to explore ways in which the port’s resiliency to flooding can be improved.

He said: “Immingham is a vital national asset and we need to make sure it is resilient to future incidents like we had in early December.

“This facility is vital to the transport infrastructure of our country. The oil that comes in here is refined here and makes sure we have diesel and petrol for our vehicles and worldwide markets. It is vital to make sure the lights stay on, as the coal and biomass that comes here fuels the power stations.

“Fortunately we had no major interruption of this vital supply following the tidal surge, but the events of that night show how potentially vulnerable this port is and underlines the importance of taking strides to make it more resilient.”