ABP welcomes Parliament’s support for compromise on Able

April 3, 2014

 "ABP are pleased with today's decision that it is right for Parliament to review Able UK's plans for AMEP. 


"We also welcome the view expressed by the committee chairman at today's hearing that both parties should work to reach a compromise as soon as possible.   


"Special hearings in front of a Parliamentary Committee will now follow and ABP are extremely keen that swift progress is made.  


"Today's decision is undoubtedly a positive step forward and can now pave the way for a compromise to be agreed that will successfully deliver both AMEP and ABP’s Immingham Western Deepwater Jetty without further delay.     


"ABP's compromise proposal will not threaten any of the jobs Able UK hopes to create.  


"Developing both projects will deliver the best result for the Humber economy as a whole and the largest number of jobs for the region.  


"A compromise will also ensure the Port of Immingham, the UK’s largest port, will be able to continue to grow, increasing its vital contribution both to the economy and to national energy security. 


"A compromise is the right outcome for the Humber and we urge Able UK to come to the table and work with us as quickly as possible."