ABP Finance Plc - US$235 million Private Placement

December 12, 2013

ABP Finance Plc ("ABPF") announces that ABP Acquisitions UK Limited, a fellow subsidiary of ABPA Holdings Limited ("ABPAH"), has agreed the private placement of US$80,000,000 notes due 2023 and US$155,000,000 note 2024 (the "Notes").  The Notes will rank pari passu with Notes already in issue by ABP Acquisitions UK Limited.  Issuance of the Notes is deferred until February 2014.

The proceeds of the Notes will be on-lent within the ABPAH Group and used to repay an equivalent amount of ABP Acquisitions UK Limited's existing bank facilities.

ABPF further announces that ABP Acquisition s UK Limited has clocsed the issuance of the remaining half of the private placement of £80,000,000 floating rate notes due 2033, as previously announced as having been deferred from June 2013

- ends -