Scouts learn how to save lives with thanks to ABP

April 26, 2018

 Left: Port Manager, Mark Frith (centre left) and Environmental Coordinator, Tina Raleigh (centre) volunteered to be in need of first aid, to allow the children to practice their skills.

This week the UK’s largest port operator ABP, attended the 2nd Immingham (Bradford) scout group to donate a plethora of first aid equipment which will ultimately help to teach the children life saving techniques.

As part of ABP Humber’s waste management review policy, an initiative had been set up whereby employees were asked to collect out of date first aid equipment, which could be donated to local community groups to assist with practical learning.

Tina Raleigh, Environmental Coordinator, who set up the waste management group for the Humber ports said: “Our first aiders conduct regular walkabouts across the port and check the dates on all of our first aid equipment. Instead of adding our out-of-date equipment to landfill, we decided to recycle the products and donate to worthy causes.”

Having been given the donations, the group of scouts, cubs and beavers wasted no time in taking advantage of the two newcomers, ABP Port Manager for Grimsby and Immingham Mark Frith and Environmental Coordinator Tina Raleigh, who graciously accepted their fate as injured parties.

Children who had been first aid trained, set about making the pair feel comfortable and putting temporary fixes in place, before the two were advised to attend their nearest hospital.
Jenny Hodson, Scout leader for 2nd Immingham (Bradford) said: “We would like to say a big thank you to ABP for their generous donation of first aid equipment for use by our young boys and girls to use for their first aid badge work.”

Jenny continued: “This will be a great asset in allowing us to do a lot more education with our young people so they know how to help someone in need. The young people yesterday had a really good time showing off their skills and are really looking forward to developing their skills further.”

The waste management review policy has seen the introduction of recycling bins at all office locations across the Humber, with desk waste receptacles being removed to encourage employees to think before they throw away.