ABP forges links with Goole charity for three years

December 18, 2017

ABP Humber has forged a three year partnership with a charity in Goole that supports disadvantaged groups of people.
The leading port operator will donate £15,000 to The Sobriety Project and this will support engagement projects to support and improve the personal development of local people.
One of the biggest investments ABP will give to the charity is time and expertise, as the Goole and Hull port manager, Chris Green, will advise the charity’s Board of Trustees.
Goole and Hull port manager, Chris Green, said: “We believe that this relationship will be meaningful and lasting as ABP will support the worthy cause with real hands-on support.
“We chose to build a strong relationship with this worthy cause as we believe it fits in the ABPs ethos with heritage at the heart of their activities.
“It’s important to play our part in the community; especially in a town that ABP is so integrated in and supports 1,000 jobs.”
The Sobriety Project, situated at the Yorkshire Waterways Museum, stimulates users with various activities such as the museum, vessels, nature trails and community gardens to engage and train people who either have a disability, low-income families or youngsters at risk of exclusion.
Paul Cooper of The Sobriety Project said: “We’re very grateful for the substantial support from ABP as it will enable us to continue our service that improves community cohesion and life chances for disadvantaged people.
“Our future prospects are bright working with ABP as the funding and expertise will enable us to plan some exciting projects over the next three years.”
Much of The Sobriety Project’s work is supported by volunteers and they are currently looking for people to come forward to help with horticulture.
Any time that you can give to volunteer is appreciated- please email paul@waterwaysmuseum.org.uk if you’re interested.