The Port of Hull celebrates Finland’s centenary of independence

December 7, 2017

Flags were flying high at the Port of Hull to mark Finland’s centenary of independence and to celebrate the close trading connections the port has.
ABPs Port of Hull has a dedicated Finland Terminal which was build 17 years ago to cater for the growing demand of trade between the two countries.
Leading roll-on roll-off shipping operator Finnlines has traded from the port since 1973 and their Baltic Sea call every week to Helsinki ensures the continual transportation of cargo such as forest products and various project cargo.
The Port of Hull is the UK’s leading softwood timber port, supplying timber trade all across Britain.
Colin McLoughlin, head of operations at ABPs Port of Hull, said: “Out of a mark of respect we think it is apt honouring this special occasion seems as we have strong trading connections with the country.
“The Port of Hull contributes £538 million to the local economy each year and it’s important trading ties to countries such as Finland continue to develop to keep Britain trading.”
Brian Rolfe, managing director of Finnlines, has been knighted in Finland for playing an instrumental part in ensuring these close trading links continue.
“I have been awarded Knight First Class of the Order of the Lion of Finland for creating strong and efficient trade links between the UK and Finland,” added Brian.
The Port of Hull’s connection to Finland began with Finhumber Ferries and this was a joint venture with Finland Steamship Company (later to become Finnlines) and United Baltic Corporation.