ABP is keeping Britain buzzing

October 18, 2017

ABP Humber has taken on a green initiative by introducing around 50,000 honey bees to support the local ecosystem.
The Port of Hull has recently installed a beehive and bee-friendly plants to help preserve these vital insects. ABP also hopes to roll out the programme across its three other ports in Goole, Immingham and Grimsby.
It’s just one of many of ABP's environmentally-friendly projects run by the Green Team which is made up of staff from across the four ports.
Tina Raleigh, environmental coordinator and member of ABP’s Green Team, said: “It’s our role as a port operator to improve the environment and we do this by supporting and encouraging wildlife through various projects.
“Our staff are very supportive of this initiative and they are now beginning to understand the important benefits that these small insects have on our environment.
“With the help and support from local beekeeper Karen Wood staff have been getting up close and personal with the bees to learn about them and care for them.”
Bees pollinate a third of everything we eat and they make an invaluable contribution to ecosystems as seeds, fruits and berries eaten by birds and small mammals are all from plants that are pollinated by bees.
Local bee keeper, Karen Wood, donated the bees to ABP. She added: “It’s fantastic that companies such as ABP understand the importance of bees and want to get involved with supporting their existence.
“I was first introduced to bees at my local Women’s Institute through the SOS Honeybee Campaign, and decided I wanted to do more then signing a petition so I joined the Beverly Beekeepers society.
“I am really enjoying working with ABP and hope that many more people and business follow suit and support these small but mighty insects.”
For more information about ABP Humber visit www.abports.co.uk/Our_Locations/Humber/ and if you would like to join the beekeepers society visit www.beverleybeekeepers.co.uk