Giant industrial pipes are reprocessed at Port of Lowestoft as part of sustainability project

September 29, 2017

Caption: Industrial pipes salvaged from the North Sea are reprocessed at ABP Lowestoft on 28 September 2017

An array of giant industrial pipes, which were rescued following an incident in the North Sea, are being reprocessed at the Port of Lowestoft as part of a sustainability project.

Following the arrival of the first pipe in the port on Friday, 1 September, ABP’s Lowestoft team have been working closely with the Salvors and the Environment Agency, to agree a sustainable reprocessing method to allow the pipes to be safely cut into 12-metre lengths.

As part of the operation cut sections of pipe will be lifted from Lake Lothing onto the port’s quays for storage before being exported for reprocessing overseas.

The seven large polyethylene pipes in lengths of up to 290 metres long each were rescued following an incident on 19 July, which involved a collision between two vessels in the Dover Straits. The incident damaged the pipes near the mid-point causing a series of failures in the tow bridle connections and a number of pipes were washed up on the East Coast.

Andrew Harston, ABP Short Sea Ports Director, said: “It is fantastic that we have managed to step in and support this reprocessing project and we look forward to working with all parties involved to ensure that operations run smoothly and leave a minimal impact on the environment. This is a great example of the type of flexibility and service that is regularly delivered by the ABP team at Lowestoft.”