ABP employee races 100km to the stones

July 26, 2017

 A 66-year-old ABP employee took on a challenge of a lifetime by completing a gruelling 100km race in just 22 hours.

Hull port operative, Malcolm Bell, staggered across the finish line in a commendable tenth place in his age category at the UK’s number one ultra marathon Race To The Stones.

His 11-strong team called The Old Stoners, made up of friends and his partner Carol Hewitt, suffered various injuries along the way including several lost toenails, severe cramp and worn toes to the bone.

Malcolm, who has worked at ABP for over 30 years, said: “It was emotional crossing the finish line at the Bronze Age Avebury Stone Circle; I was dragging my feet and could hardly walk. I have done many challenges over the years, such as swimming the Humber and running across Britain; but this was by far the most difficult and gruelling.

“It was worth the pain and we had a brilliant time running along Britain’s oldest road called The Ridgeway. We saw breath-taking scenery including thatched villages, forests, rivers and miles of corn fields.

“The camaraderie was great and my team really helped me along the way physically and mentally.” 

Malcolm, who believes that his busy lifestyle keeps him healthy, refuses to slow down as will take part in his 17th Great North Run this September and plans to continue to add to the total of his 278 Parkruns.

He added: “I don’t have plans to retire any time soon; I enjoy taking on challenges and I love my job and the people I work with.”