Investment boost for Immingham’s deep water terminal

June 28, 2017

ABP’s Humber International Terminal (HIT) recently invested £10 million in two new Gottwald 820 cranes as part of a customer improvement scheme for the site.

The sizeable machines which tower over the terminal at 34m high and which are able to lift a maximum of 100 tonnes, were delivered by vessel and discharged fully-assembled in an impressive demonstration of safe and aligned operations.

The cranes were bought as part of an assets replacement scheme which had been set up by ABP to ensure the company continues to provide high and efficient productivity rates to their customers.

An additional grab capacity of 50m3 means that the terminal now benefits from a higher discharge rate, meaning that more cargo can pass over the quay in less time. The new technology installed within the cranes also means that a variety of products can be handled safely and efficiently.

The state-of-the-art Humber International Terminal (HIT) handles solid fuel destined for power generators and is able to accommodate vessels carrying cargoes up to 130,000 tonnes. With an ability to handle lightened Capesize vessels, HIT also handles large volumes of biomass, animal feed, road salt and grain.

The terminal recently celebrated the milestone of handling 150 million tonnes of cargo since opening in 2006.

To watch time-lapse footage of the cranes being discharged, please visit our YouTube channel: