Hull History Centre takes on largest archive project ever thanks to ABP

June 22, 2017

The Hull History Centre is undertaking its largest archive project ever thanks to ABP Humber donating thousands of historical records.
The centre was awarded a National Cataloguing Grant by The National Archives to employ archivist, Robert Astin, who will catalogue the records of the Humber Ports British Transport Docks Board, later known as ABP.
Robert, who started in April, has the monumental task of over 15 months of cataloguing, so it will be available online for the public to search for the first time.
A plethora of port information ranging from 1772 to 1982 will be archived by next summer and experts predict that this will be one of the most heavily used local collections with a great amount of interest already shown by students and lecturers.
Archivist, Robert, said: “It will be a real triumph once all the materials are catalogued; as they tell the story of the making of Hull including the port and railways.
“There is a complete record of the developments of the docks, shipping correspondences, the history of the River Humber, railway plans and navigation maps of the sea.”
Many of the documents will be carefully cleaned by a dedicated team of volunteers before they’re catalogued.
Tom Jeynes, sustainable development manager, ABP Humber, said: “The port has shaped what Hull is today. In this year of the City of Culture, it’s important the public can have access to this vital historic information and the role the port has played in the City’s culture for many years to come.
“The team at Hull History Centre are doing a fantastic job cataloguing all the items and we look forward to the final outcome.”
Ports were formerly owned by rail and canal companies until they were nationalised in 1947.
The British Transport Docks Board (BTDB) was formed as a government-owned body to manage various ports throughout Great Britain, until it was privatised and renamed ABP.
Today, ABP in the Humber supports 23,000 jobs in the region and contributes £2.2 billion to the economy each year.
Councillor Terry Geraghty, portfolio holder for culture and leisure and chair of Hull Culture and Leisure Limited, added: “I am very pleased to be able to welcome another success by the History Centre in Hull’s year as City of Culture.
“The funding that has been secured allows us to work with ABP to ensure the survival of records which tell a very important story of the city’s history.”