ABP Southampton Experiences Busiest Cruise Weekend Ever

June 7, 2017

The Port of Southampton welcomed a record breaking 15 cruise ships from Friday June 2 – Sunday June 4 - making it the busiest cruise weekend on record.
Ships from a number of lines including Silver Seas, Oceania, NCL, P&O, Royal Caribbean, Regent, Cunard and Fred Olsen came to the port and everyone involved worked hard to ensure all ships left on time.
Ensuring everything runs smoothly is a team effort involving planning with agents ahead of their arrival, pin-point accuracy from the operations team to oversee passengers departing, new supplies arriving and more passengers joining the cruise ships.
And as well as the cruise ships, the port welcomed the usual weekend contingent of Ro-Ro vessels and container ships.
For the marine team, everyone from the VTS staff, the air traffic control for the sea, to the marine pilots who bring the ships safely alongside, were involved in the smooth running of the weekend.
Director Alastair Welch, said: “It was the busiest cruise weekend the port has ever experienced. Alongside the 15 cruise ships, we also had Ro-Ro vessels and container ships accessing the port too.
“It really is a team effort that ensures the ships arrive and depart safely. With the trend for cruise travel on an upward curve, we are likely to see more weekends like this in the port.”