ABP announces dedicated support to Immingham community group

May 5, 2017

ABP Humber has agreed to support Immingham community engagement group One Voice for the next three years with a combination of hands on help and financial assistance.

ABP has agreed to give a £4,000 donation to the group every year for the next three years in order to support regional community projects and to supply volunteers for help with manual projects.

Immingham One voice, formed in 2009, was aided by funding from the Immingham 100 celebrations which took place five years ago. The celebrations saw ABP raise an impressive £121,500 for the Immingham Legacy Fund, which donates to charitable causes in Immingham and the surrounding areas.

ABP initially donated £87,000 to One Voice, which, over the past five years, has supported and set up some extraordinary community projects.

One such example is the Garden of Remembrance, based at the Mill Lane cemetery in Immingham. The project was started after a request was submitted to create a tranquil area where people can remember loved ones they have lost.

The serene area, which was completed last May and cost £12,500, aims to bring solace and comfort to the Immingham community for years to come.

Elaine Norton, Chair of Immingham One Voice, said: “The Immingham 100 fund has been of great value to the community in relation to encouraging and supporting activities which promote health and wellbeing in our community. As a town with limited resources, local groups are essential for opportunities within our town. We are extremely grateful for ABP’s continued support with our community group as we would not have been able to achieve anywhere near as much as we have without their generosity.”

Mark Frith, Port Manager for Grimsby and Immingham said: “We look forward to continuing our partnership working with One Voice and making a real difference to the local community here in Immingham.”