Superior all weather berthing at Troon - seeing is believing

January 25, 2017

The Port of Troon has moved to prove once and for all its superior reliability over Ardrossan, its rival for the Arran ferry service.

Amidst a storm of misinformation, the simple fact that Troon is a far more resilient port than Ardrossan has been obscured.

First, new data from P&O revealed its ferry service from Troon ran at a rate of just five cancellations a year, compared with the dire record of the lifeline Arran ferry from Ardrossan, where islanders had to contend with 253 cancellations a year, according to the latest figures.

Now, Troon has moved to demonstrate its superior all-weather berthing to anyone who wants to look, with the launch of a webcam so Arran islanders can see for themselves.

Stuart Cresswell, manager at ABP’s Port of Troon said. “We have nothing to hide and Troon’s record on reliability speaks for itself. That’s why P&O switched from Ardrossan to Troon and that’s why we believe the Arran ferry should as well.

“Over the festive period, the Ardrossan service was blighted by cancellations and delays, with all the misery that entails for islanders. This would not have happened to anything like the same degree if the service had run to Troon. Seeing is believing, so we aim to prove this with a webcam clearly showing how Troon would remain operational in conditions where Ardrossan brings down the shutters.

“This aspect of the debate should now be put to bed once and for all: Troon is more reliable and it’s time for the spin to stop.”

While reliability is a key plank of Troon’s offer to the people of Arran, port owner ABP is also offering to build brand new £8m facilities to accommodate the service. Troon also offers vastly superior onward road and rail connections to Glasgow, Edinburgh and nearby Prestwick Airport.

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