ABP's Port of Silloth sees increased business in 2016

January 24, 2017

ABP’s Port of Silloth has recorded an increase in trade and ship calls for 2016.

Cumbria’s most northern commercial port saw 54 ships call at Silloth, an increase of 15% compared to 2015, while handling 142,000 tonnes of cargo on behalf of local industries. This is 18,000 tonnes more than the port handled in 2015.

The port remains an integral part of the local economy, with ABP handling imported wheat on behalf of Carr’s Solway Mill, molasses for use in animal feed production, fertilisers for Origin Fertilisers who are located at Silloth Industrial Estate and construction materials for local company Thomas Armstrong.

The increase in tonnage through the port has been attributed to both the molasses and fertiliser markets. The volume of fertiliser tonnage alone increased by 20 per cent last year.

ABP Deputy Harbour Master and Short Sea Pilot Ian Macpherson said: “We are a small team at Silloth and we work very closely with our nominated stevedore, D.A Harrison, to deliver a local and very personal service to all of our customers.

“It is satisfying to see both ship numbers and cargo volumes grow over the last 12 months.”

ABP Short Sea Ports Director, Andrew Harston said: “The Port of Silloth is a great example of a local port serving the local community and businesses.”

“We help our customers trading by offering them a transport solution by sea using a local port that is a better option than transporting cargo long distances by road and has huge environmental benefits too.

“The Port of Silloth, along with ABP’s Port of Barrow handle the largest share of import and export traffic in the Cumbria region, forming a key component of the Cumbria transport infrastructure.”