ABP and partners support conservation efforts in Immingham

January 16, 2017

Associated British Ports (ABP) has today donated £1,200 to support local conservation efforts at a woodland site in Immingham.

The area, known as ABP Long Strip, is a public right of way and frequenters to the port in Immingham know the area as a site where both fauna and flora flourish. In 2012, the bridleway was nominated by the company as its south bank biodiversity project and was the subject of an intensive clean-up, conducted by Humber Nature Partnership (HNP) and Humber Conservation Volunteers (HCV).

The site, protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is half a mile long and supports mature native tree species such as oak and ash. The works currently being conducted at the site are not only to prevent flooding and assist with security but also to create an additional 500m of aquatic habitat and restore hundreds of metres of hedgerows.

Together with partners at Hargreaves, ABP attended the site with members of HNP and HCV to watch the project unfold. Alan Jones, Conservation Officer for HNP said: “The restored hedgerows and improvements to the woodland will hugely benefit nesting habitat for many woodland birds including bullfinch, long-tailed, great and blue tits as well as song thrushes, blackbirds and a host of other species. We are really looking forward to watching the wildlife set up home in the area.”

HCV have been working hard over the winter to restore the 250 year old hedgerows and carefully clearing the area to enable terminal operators, Hargreaves PLC, to access the site with machinery to re-open the old drain and create a watercourse. The new channel will be managed for protected and endangered species such as great crested newts and water voles, as well kingfishers, dragonflies and damselflies. The drain will link directly with Soke Dyke on the landward side of the sea wall which already hosts such important species to form an important extension to their local habitat.

In addition to building log piles which will allow small mammals and amphibians to shelter and feed, the volunteers have also been sowing a special woodland seed mix which includes wildflowers such as bluebells, stitchwort, wood anemone and campions.

Tina Raleigh, ABP Environmental Coordinator said, “Today’s donation will support training, fund equipment and be put towards the other running costs faced by the volunteers. We are proud to be working with our partners to support such a worthy cause.”

If you would like to volunteer to help wildlife, or if you are in local industry and would like to help out in nature conservation, please don’t hesitate to contact HNP on 01652 631523 or via emailing alan.jones@humbernature.co.uk. HCV themselves can be contacted via Facebook or their website http://www.humberconservationvolunteers.co.uk/