ABP Swansea announces £2 million wind turbine investment

April 13, 2016

Image: An aerial view of ABP Swansea

Associated British Ports (ABP) South Wales has announced a £2 million investment in a 0.5 MW wind turbine for the Port of Swansea.

Plans for the development of the wind turbine are advanced and it is expected to be fully operational by September 2016. The 0.5 MW turbine will have the potential to annually generate enough energy to boil over 10 million kettles.

The energy that the new wind turbine generates will be used to power port operations. By using energy from a renewable source ABP Swansea will be able to reduce the amount of CO2 that is produced by its day-to-day activity.

Matthew Kennerley, ABP South Wales Director, commented: “We are pleased to be able to announce an additional renewable energy project for our ports in the form of a 0.5 MW wind turbine for Swansea. It is the latest in a long line of renewable energy projects across our five ports and further demonstrates our commitment to sustainable energy.”

ABP South Wales have also recently announced a £3 million investment in a second 2.3MW wind turbine for the Port of Newport. Work has already begun on the foundation of this new turbine and it is due to be fully operational by autumn 2016.

By the end of 2016 ABP South Wales will be home to over 10MW of renewable energy projects. Completed schemes include 4.5MWp solar array in Barry, a 2.3MW wind turbine in Newport, and 250KW rooftop solar array schemes at Barry, Cardiff, and Newport.