Memories of Ipswich frozen in time at topping out event for historic clock tower

March 21, 2016

MP for Ipswich Ben Gummer and ABP Short Sea Ports Director Andrew Harston with students of St Mark’s Catholic Primary School, from left: Hepsie Capey, Harry Smith, Matthew Kasozi and Barbara Skorczak.

ABP’s Port of Ipswich has celebrated its recent restoration project of the clock tower at Old Custom House with a time capsule made in partnership with a local school sealed into the roof, locking in memories of present day Ipswich.

ABP has carried out extensive works to re-roof the Old Custom House clock tower, which has required the production of specialist handmade tiles to reflect the listed status of the building. The restoration project of the roof, clock tower and guttering works has cost more than £150,000 over the last two years.

To celebrate its completion, the Port of Ipswich enlisted the help of Year 3 pupils at St Mark’s Catholic primary school who created the time capsule which was placed in the roof of the clock tower.

Filled with letters from the pupils of St Marks and information about Ipswich and the Port, the time capsule will remain sealed away for another 50 years until 2066.

Historic photographs of the port, a copy of the local newspaper, an Ipswich Town FC match programme and 2016 tide tables were some of the items placed in the time capsule.

Ipswich MP Ben Gummer and Andrew Harston, ABP Director Short Sea Ports, climbed the clock tower to officially place the time capsule in the roof.

Mr Gummer said: “It was lovely to be able to leave a message to the citizens of Ipswich in 50 years’ time. Thanks to ABP, the next generation will know something of how this generation is working hard to make our town a better place”.

Mr Harston said: “The Port of Ipswich is committed to being a good neighbour to those around us and it has been fantastic to be able to restore the Old Custom House clock tower.

“This project also presented us with a great opportunity to work with St Mark’s Catholic primary school who were delighted to contribute to this time capsule with various pieces of information about Ipswich and letters to the town’s future community.”