Marfleet pupils to benefit from dedicated reading space thanks to ABP

February 22, 2016

 Marfleet Primary School Business Manager Sue Walker in the new reading shed with Chloe McCloud, Lewis Carrick, Oliver Wilson, Charlie Cameron-McClane, Olivia Nickerson, Head Teacher Rachael Butler and Lucy Silvester

Pupils at Hull’s Marfleet Primary School will benefit from a dedicated space designed to provide a relaxing, informal environment in which to read, thanks to funds raised by ABP.

Staff at the company’s four Humber ports spent 2014 raising £70,000 in order to help the school build a much-needed additional classroom. Plans for the new teaching space were approved in 2015 and the new classroom will be built this year. However, in order to provide a quiet reading area for pupils to use straight away, the school has spent some of that money on an outside space where children can take their books and enjoy them away from the classroom.

ABP Port Manager for Hull and Goole Mark Frith said: “It’s great to see a school responding to the needs of its pupils in such an innovative way and we’re delighted we could help provide the children with a great space in which they can read and enjoy their books, away from the hustle and bustle of the classroom.”

The ‘reading shed’, which is located in the playground close to the main building, has been modified by the school to include fairy lights, beanbags and boxes of new books.

Marfleet’s Head Teacher, Rachel Butler-Reid said: “The school is currently without a library so it’s fantastic to be able to give the children a safe place they can go to read and enjoy their books. With this space we are encouraging the children to read for pleasure and this new facility will make it just that.

“The space has been designed to be comfortable so the children can relax and fully absorb what they’re reading, and as well as scheduled teaching groups, they can also choose to use the reading shed during breaks and playtime if they’d like to.

“The building has been in place since before Christmas and most of our pupils have already used it. They absolutely love going in there to read.”

Lucy Silvester (9) uses the reading shed whenever she can. Her favourite books are the Dork Diaries series and the Harry Potter books.

She said: “I love it when we all go in and start reading. The books and the decorations and the beanbags make it really nice. I use it every time I get the chance.”

Lewis Carrick (9), agrees. He also loves to read and his favourite books are Horrid Henry and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

He said: “I like to go in and sit with my friends to read, it makes it really fun and reading is much more nice and relaxing.”