Vandalism of lifebuoys at the Port of Ipswich is putting lives at risk

February 12, 2016

Phil Chesney of Ipswich Haven Marina and Richard Lungley, Marine Supervisor at the Port of Ipswich are pictured with a new lifebuoy which has replaced one that was vandalised this week.

ABP’s East Anglian ports are warning people not to interfere with emergency life-saving equipment on the quayside.

A lifebuoy outside Old Custom House in Ipswich was removed from its holder and thrown into the Wet Dock on Thursday night. Already this year, ABP has replaced four lifebuoys and their holders after vandals have left them useless.

The equipment is intended to provide a lifeline in times of emergency on the water.

Harbour Master for the Port of Ipswich, Captain Jerry Colman has warned of the dangers of such vandalism: “These are not toys and this sort of behaviour is reckless. These offenders are not thinking about the consequences.

“Having functioning lifebuoys around the port and Wet Dock could ultimately be the crucial factor in saving a person’s life if they fell into the water.”

Port Manager for East Anglia, Alastair MacFarlane said: “The waterfront is a great place to visit but the water can be dangerous which is why we need life-saving equipment on hand at all times.

“This is a matter of keeping the port and Wet Dock a safe place for all to enjoy, and we urge people to think twice before acting in an irresponsible manner.”