ABP powers ahead with industry leading energy approach

ABP’s £5m solar array at the Port of Barry

ABP is celebrating after its energy management approach has been recognised as reaching the highest standards.

ABP has achieved the international standard for energy management (ISO 50001:2011), which demonstrates the company’s commitment to operating sustainably.

During 2015, ABP completely transformed its energy management approach to enable the business to deliver continual improvement in energy efficiency, energy use and consumption.

With assistance from DCS Energy Ltd, ABP has moved to establish an energy team, an energy management system, undertaken energy training for all ABP employees and completed energy audits across the business.

ABP has also moved to invest in renewable energy generating schemes at locations across the UK. Today approximately 70% of the electricity ABP’s consumes is provided by renewable sources, including a geothermal supply in Southampton, wind turbines in South Wales and an array of solar schemes, including a £5m new solar array in Barry.

This is just the beginning, with the next steps in improving ABP’s energy performance already under consideration, including electrifying the company’s entire vehicle fleet. An electric vehicle is to be trialled at ABP’s South Wales ports in January. Other developments include rolling out LED lighting schemes and further renewable energy generating projects.

Michelle Tilley, ABP Director, Quality and Compliance, said: “I’m proud the hard work of the team has paid off with this recognition.

“This clearly demonstrates our commitment to being a sustainable organisation. We’re constantly looking to improve the energy efficiency of all our operations through a range of initiatives and we are far from finished. We are ambitious to deliver further improvements in our energy use.

“Improving our energy performance is not just vital for our business but is important for our customers too. This allows us to help them reduce their costs and meet their own commitments to minimising the impact of their operations on the environment.”