Offshore wind


ABP has more than 30 years' experience of serving the UK's offshore energy industry including, more recently, extensive involvement in the successful development and servicing of Round 1 and 2 Offshore Wind Farms. With many of our 21 ports located close to key offshore wind sites, ABP is superbly placed to support this growing renewable energy sector. 

ABP can offer the offshore wind industry:

  • Location - ports near all the key offshore wind zones

  • Experience - involved in many existing wind farm projects in both assembly and O&M stages

  • Technical knowledge - subsidiary ABPmer is a recognised specialist in offshore wind environmental assessments, metocean forecasting and strategic research / guidance

  • Expertise - with ABP ports handling 120 million tonnes of cargo each year, the group has the expertise to support, advise, and handle the challenges of the development of the Round 3 Zones

  • Investment - as the UK's largest port group, we are able to look at large scale projects requiring long-term strategic vision