Sustainable Development

An environmental organisation

ABP takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and has had a centrally-led environmental management framework in place since 2002. This framework targets our efforts in a coordinated way and provides support and guidance to each of our business units.

The ultimate responsibility for sustainable development issues lies with our chief executive, who is supported by the engineering director and the group's sustainable development officers. The head of each business unit is responsible for dealing with environmental matters relating to operations under their management. Each business unit is supported by an environment coordinator who acts as the point of contact for local issues, for the collation of key performance data, and as the interface between policy development and implementation across the group. The coordinators all receive training and support across a wide range of environmental subjects from introductory programmes to more specialised areas such as waste management.

In addition, all ABP employees have a responsibility to the environment and their different roles are set out clearly in our Sustainable Development Policy.

ABP works closely with ABP Marine Environmental Research (ABPmer), which has particular expertise in assessing any impacts new developments may have on hydrodynamic and sedimentary processes and offers a full range of services including navigation, mooring, and dredging. Click here for further details about ABPmer.

Sustainable Development Policy

Our commitment to our environmental obligations is central to our activities; therefore, our Sustainable Development Policy seeks to establish a balance between our need to act commercially to grow our business and our commitment to the environment.

Our sustainable development policy objectives are:

  • To manage and, where possible, reduce the environmental risk of our operations

  • To use natural resources in an efficient and responsible manner

  • To ensure all new developments and business growth prospects have regard for the environment and look for opportunities for environmental improvement

  • To effectively communicate our environmental performance to all relevant stakeholders

  • To prepare for and respond effectively to environmental incidents or emergencies