The Port of Barrow has set regulations governing customer and tenant activities. The below sub-headings provide information on procedures associated with Vessel Bunkering, ISPS Security, Dangerous Goods and Port Waste Management.

Bunkering Operations

The below Conditions and Notification are applicable to bunkering by road tanker. The Checklist is generic and may be used by vessels that do not have a bunkering checklist of their own or whose list is less comprehensive.

General Bunkering Conditions

Bunker Notification Form

Bunkering Checklist

ISPS Security

From May 2017, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) must receive pre-arrival information in the CERS3 Workbook format for vessels arriving in UK Ports. More information about the change in format can be found here. The required documentation can be found here.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods in the Port are subject to the Health and Safety Executive's

Dangerous Goods In Harbour Areas Regulations 2016

For more information on moving Dangerous Goods through the port please contact the Marine Department who can offer more detailed advice.

Port Waste Management

The Port Waste Management Plan details the requirments of cutsomers and tenants to dispose of general and harmful waste in a legal and responsible manner.

Port of Barrow Port Waste Management Plan (2009) Currently Under Review

For more information on Port Waste Management please contact the Marine Department who can offer more detailed advice.