Land development

ABP's investment portfolio extends to over 12,000 acres of land and water, with rental revenues in excess of £70 million. 

In addition to providing core business support, Group Property deals with port master planning, regional spatial planning, valuation, estate management, property development, and the acquisition and disposal of land.

ABP surveyors deal with a broad spectrum of tenants ranging from sole traders to international conglomerates.  The key departmental objectives are to grow ABP Property values, maximise revenue opportunities, and ensure that the port estates are managed in a legally compliant and professional manner. 

ABP Group Property used specialist subsidiary Grosvenor Waterside to develop flagship urban regeneration projects of Capital Waterside Cardiff Bay, including the offices of the National Assembly for Wales, and Waterfront Barry, where over three thousand new homes are being built.  ABP is constantly reviewing Land Use Planning to create the basis to respond to changes in market demand for port operations.