At ABP, we endeavour to manage our obligations to the environment in a morally responsible manner, and develop our business to meet the needs of our customers in a way which has due regard for sustainable development both for business and the environment.

We have a centrally-led environmental policy and compliance management system that targets our efforts in a coordinated way and provides support and guidance to each of our business units. The key themes of our environmental management can be summarised as:

Managing risks: The key mechanisms by which we manage our operational risks are by providing information and guidance, developing, risk assessments, and undertaking audits of our operations. We also ensure all our ports are ready for when an incident does happen, with well tested plans in place.

Resource Efficiency and Carbon reduction: Carbon management, waste reduction and improved resource efficiency remain key business priorities for ABP, with resource efficiency teams across the company looking at continual improvements that can be made.

Developing responsibly: We seek to ensure our developments are designed to reduce environmental risk or impacts during their construction and operation, and we have many examples of where we have successfully balanced the needs of nature in the highly protected estuaries and coastline surrounding our ports with the need for port development.

Responsibilities and training:
The ultimate responsibility for sustainable development issues lies with our Chief Executive, who is supported by the Quality and Compliance Director, the group’s central environmental team and environmental coordinators in each business unit. Our environmental team all receive training and support across a wide range of environmental subjects from introductory programmes to more specialised areas such as waste management.

We also work closely with ABP Marine Environmental Research (ABPmer), which has particular expertise in assessing any impacts new developments may have on hydrodynamic and sedimentary processes and offers a full range of services including navigation, mooring, and dredging.

Beneficial use of dredged material:
Within ABP, we aim to facilitate beneficial use opportunities for our dredged material as far as we can. We maintain a central register of our dredging and disposal operations – therefore if you have a project you are planning that you think could incorporate dredged sediments please get in touch:

Key contact:

Alan Tinline

Head of Environment 
01473 231 010